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Some Examples of good labelling

At Clearlabelling we are always ready to criticize, and to point out examples of bad labelling.  So on this page we are going to praise the few companies who produce products with good clear labels.

In other words:


The rest of you take note and perhaps even learn from their examples.

Below we have several labels that have used different  approaches to producing good looking packaging, While at the same time making the label very readable.

So if you see examples of


let us know

Email Us

We will be contacting the companies mentioned to  compliment them.  Perhaps it will encourage others.




Good Idea

M & S Naan Bead

This was a very clear label,

Due to the type of material it is printed on

it did not scan too well. So does not look as good as it was.

Quite good contrast, good use of colour, reasonable large.  See "Black on White" does not have to be boring.

Budgens  Naan Bread

Clear, good combination of contrast and colours,

good use of space on packaging. Clearlabelling congratulates Budgens

for this exhalent label.

Together with the front packet design it is quite an attractive looking product.

So we do not have to sacrifice  READABILITY  for STYLE

M & S Plum and Almond Pudding

Excellent use of colour  and the packaging still looks good.

Hover over to enlarge

Tastes good too:).


The alternative to the "Traffic Lights" Food Labelling  

This one we can read

Thanks PAXO

More coming soon

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